Our Bistro is located in the gardens of the Hotel La Riva. It is a pleasant and relaxing place where guests may enjoy some light and fresh summer dishes, which are typical from both Italian and international cuisine. Between the ostia restaurants in the giardinetto restaurant you can taste the best  restaurant of Ostia beach but in a garden, much better than in the hot of the Ostia beach!

At Ostia Restaurant Il Giardinetto you will find a selection of salads, pizzas, flatbread and homemade ravioli as well as breakfast set from other countries. Also try some of our fresh fruit juice and cocktail combinations, milkshakes and flavoured crushed ice or perhaps some of our delicious apetizers and desserts. From the 2016 also first dishes, pasta ans many cakes.

Inspiete of enjoy the Ostia beach you can relax taking a drink in the Ostia Restaurant il giardinetto in its beautifull garden, full of flower, plants and a very good vibration and good music.

In the beach you can have everithing but in the garden in front of the Ostia beach you can have the same enjoyng the shadow and not the hot temperature, if you want to bath, then, there is the jacuzzi in the roof garden!

And, if you really want only to enjot the Ostia beach, take somenthing here and then you can enjoy the private beach in front of the hotel La Riva and bellavista where il giardinetto is the home restaurant.

Ostia Beach

It is our wish that this space helps connect you to your inner sense of harmony!

Open from 8am untill 11pm all the year, february is closed. If you like vegetarian cuisine you should not miss the restaurant ostia il giardinetto.